Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation

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Hero Priority Lane


  1. Frontliners can avail the Hero Priority Lane Promo from May 6 to June 30, 2020.
  2. The promo is offered in all Mitsubishi Dealerships nationwide.
  3. Qualified Customers who are considered to be Frontliners are the following:
    1. Health workers such as:
      1. Doctors of medicine
      2. Nurses
      3. Medical Technologists
      4. Midwives
      5. Pharmacists
      6. Radiologic Technologists
      7. Registered Nutritionists Dieticians
    2. Uniformed personnel
      1. Police
      2. Soldiers
      3. Firefighters
      4. Public order and safety officers
    3. Others
      1. Delivery service operators (Grab, Lalamove & etc.)
      2. Journalists
      3. Bank Employees
  4. Frontliners will be assigned to a priority lane when they visit their preferred dealership for maintenance or repair services for their vehicle. They can also avail of the discounted change oil package. The package includes the following items:
    1. Engine oil (fully synthetic or mineral)
    2. Engine oil filter
    3. Engine oil drain plug gasket
    4. Labor fee (0.5 hour)
  5. Frontliners must present their valid government-issued ID’s and/or hospital or agency ID’s to prove their profession.
  6. Vehicle’s Land Transportation Office (LTO) registration must be under the name of the frontliner, his/her spouse, or any immediate family member.

Priority Lane

  1. Frontliners will be given priority for all kinds of services at all Mitsubishi Dealerships.
  2. Frontliners will be assisted by a Service Adviser who will make sure they will get prioritized.
  3. Walk-in Frontliner customers will be immediately accommodated by the Service Adviser and be queued over any non-frontliner customer.
  4. Frontliner’s vehicle, regardless of brand model and year, will be prioritized in the car washing queue, notwithstanding the arranged vehicle pick-up time of the day.
  5. Frontliners will also be prioritized in the billing, payment, and vehicle delivery in order to further lessen their waiting time in the dealerships.

Special Discount

Frontliners may avail of special discounts on these items included in the change oil package.

  1. Engine oil (fully synthetic or mineral)
  2. Engine oil filter
  3. Engine oil drain plug gasket
  4. Labor fee (0.5 hour)

Note: Prices above are VAT-inclusive.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB 06043, Series of 2020.